TO WATCH 2020!
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My company created a revolutionary approach to execute a fully sustainable manufacturing clothing company.  We did so while equally importantly, keeping production within the United States and we look forward to sharing our process with the industry and amazing customers alike! 

We rely on our Print On Demand Fabric which is designed to eliminate both fabric and ink waste. We ONLY print fabric when we need to.  We have dramatically reduced the use of energy and water by using a pigment printing process, rather than using the less expensive, easy to purchase industry standard; radioactive dyes. Following this same approach, we create each collection

In-House  with my team of veteran Master Technical Designers and believe in Value of our garments over Volume! Last, but certainly not least,  all of my brands prints are ONE-OF-A-KIND!

I create my prints and fabrics using nature, architecture, collecting images along my daily journey of the world we live in season after season to highlight the very special place we all coexist in, EARTH and the extra special place we are all doing our part to save, EARTH. My visionary approach guided by my companies core values and my ability to forecast the future of fashion seasons ahead of time, is the essence of the brand, ANN MARIE!


I now invite all of you to read my blog and interact with me while we ALL experience the journey  ahead! 

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