Leaf Pattern Design

sustainably chic

Our Mission Is To Remain Ethically Sustainable

When creating my own label, ANN MARIE, I did so wanting to develop a company that was built with 

an ethical and sustainable mission. We create our own printed fabrics,  which I design by collecting images  and then curate them into my own software program and created countless custom prints. Including the Oceans Away print below. Additionally, I print my custom designs on ethically sourced fabrics which we bring into our factory and print directly on, ON-DEMAND. Our on demand process simply means we only print on fabrics that are hand picked by our customers and selected for our printing process. My vision was to create a Parisian Fashion House in Denver, Colorado and grow to be a global fashion company derived by the mission of respecting the world we live in. Why Denver? Why NOT New York or Los Angeles or even Nashville? My Kids. They are my world. We chose to raise our kids in Denver, at that time a calm and peaceful and very affordable town. Today, Denver is not any of those things and sadly, is very unaffordable. But, that is another story for another day. 

Below is the OCEANS AWAY PRINT, created in the Spring of 2019 and is our best ever sell through print, STILL in todays collections. Our three most popular designs utilizing three different fabrications of the Oceans Away Print, are below to illustrate this process. Although, the prints below are no longer in our collections, we still love to revisit them and now, so can you. 

Best of all, you can email us images that you would love for us to create custom printed fabrics, wallpaper, bedding, blankets, and more! Just send us an email and we will initiate the development of your custom prints within 24 hours. 



The original garment created with the Oceans Away Print. A silky, soft to the touch, long sleeve dress with a high to low front hem. Created with our unique Silk Lycra fabric that is both beautiful and soft, yet stretches in all the right places creating a stunning and seamless dress for any woman. 


Oceans Away Blouse

Created in the Fall of 2019, this silky satin blouse was ideal for any woman. A pull over blouse designed to provide a sleek fit for any woman's bust, without the pull. 


Oceans Away Leggings

Our drop crotch, elastic waist pant with elastic ankle cuffs created with our thick lycra jersey mix fabric. Comfortable wide waistband preventing the "muffin top" and extra long drop crotch designed to pull up from the ankle giving a skirt like effect. The ideal workout to work pant!