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Must Have Basic Items

A Capsule Collection.

By definition, a capsule collection is small collection made up of core pieces that not only remain in your wardrobe rotation, but thrive in your rotation! Your capsule collection should also be timeless. Traditionally, one would maintain their capsule collection and only add pieces that are on trend or for a specific occasion in small bits once a season. This concept also provides a woman FREEDOM. Freedom to always have the perfect outfit for any day, any event and any type of weather that rolls in.

How do you do this, you are asking. Below is a list of a core collection that is most likely, already in your current closet.

- Solid Short Sleeve T-Shirt in Black, White and Navy

- Solid Long Sleeve T-Shirt in Black, White and Navy

- 3 Pair of Denim in black, dark wash and light wash

- 1 Pair of Black Slacks

- 2 Skirts, One in Black

- 3 Dresses in varying lengths for seasonal change

- 1 Blazer

- 2 Long Sleeve Sweaters in core colors

- 1 Button Down Shirt

- 1 Short Sleeve Shirt

- 1 Casual Sweatsuit

- 2 Pair Shorts

- 1 Denim Jacket

- 1 Raincoat

- 1 Cold Weather Jacket

-1 Cardigan Sweater Hip Length

“Always remember, beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”, Coco Chanel
Create Seasonal Budget Allowance

Take the time to review YOUR personal finances and only give yourself a seasonal apparel allowance based on what will work for YOU, not your neighbor, friend you fancy at work or the ever changing "mom" at your Childs school. BE YOU! Using this allowance, add a couple items each season to illuminate your Capsule Collection.

Be Bold. Be You. Email Me.

Ann Marie F. Clark

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