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How to Vacay in Style & Not be Prisoner to your Suitcase

Creating a vacation intending to relax and refresh, can be anything BUT relaxing. Don't let your daily style be anything but relaxing, including eliminating the use for a checked bag!

“Fashion should be a form of escapism, not a form of imprisonment .”, Alexander McQueen

As a woman and as a designer, nothing irritates me more, than to be told I can not bring the garments I wish to bring on a vacation. The most powerful part of a vacation, is to be free and not feel imprisoned by the confines of a suitcase. Whether you are traveling to a warm destination or cold, wet or dry, on the ocean or in the desert, unless you are traveling abroad on your GAP year, and are 18, a suitcase full of a variety of garments, shoes and accessories is required.

For instance, traveling to the ocean for a week seems simple enough. Just throw in a couple swimsuits, dress or two and sandals and set sail across the deep blue sea. Not so fast. On an ocean destination vacation, a stylish woman will want to bring several swimsuits, wraps available for both swim wear and daywear. Evening wear to include a slip dress, which you wouldn't wear as a dress on the beach while lounging or chasing the kids to the beach hut for lunch. Sandals might seem like one style fits all, but in reality, flip flops are great with your day dress, at the beach, boardwalk and hotel, but a wedge sandal can emphasize your figure in shorts and dresses alike.

These are just two examples of countless, favorable fashion forecasting giving you the sense of freedom, body armor and comfort from home to give you relaxation that is well deserved!

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Ann Marie F. Clark

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