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Double Vision: Tips for Shopping with Your Bestie, Holiday Season and Beyond

It's that time of year. Time to forge your way through crowds and find that perfect gift for your loved ones. I am often asked if I shop alone or with a friend. This is a question that has always brought me deep into thought. The answer, it depends.

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”, Coco Chanel.

Spending quality time with your best friend and doing so away from the technology that has become second nature to most of us, is rare. The same technology that defines our world, albeit negative in nature at time, can also provide a sense of calm.

Fabric, also has this ability. Certain textiles can call up a specific emotion from within. While you browse the mall, step into your favorite boutique, or wrap yourself up with a sweatshirt that has brought you years of happiness, next time notice the way the fabric opened these feelings inside you.

These same happy feelings, calm brain sensations and enjoyment brought by fabric, is also part of being a best friend and receiving a best friends love. Shopping with this person, can then only be a happy and calm producing time together!

Use that time together and style your best friend, not how they dress, but how you visualize them dressing. Force one another to also step outside your comfort zone. Talk and laugh. Make memories and do so without using your technology that has taken many prisoner.

While enjoying your best friend, plan a weekend escape together and choose a destination you both can buy wear these new found styles, fabrics and rejoice in the places fashion can take both of you!

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