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As we enter 2022, the Fashion Industry also enters into a new era of diversifying. This year, the industry will take a much needed leap away from cotton and into multiple various fibers which also aim to support a more sustainable industry overall. Linen, hemp, ramie and jute, all help to support a sustainable process within the agricultural industry. The ability for designers to pick from such sustainable and regenerative fabrications, pass along to buyers the art of buying sustainable. My favorite within these fabrics is Linen, which is probably also the most well known to my readers. Linen provides the wearer a natural fibre which also has a built in cooling aspect, provides both moisture-wicking and is absorbent! The breathability of linen along with the durability of the fabrication is one-of-a-kind and a must have for me in my closet! Sadly, however, linen does wrinkle and for this reason alone, often passed over by shoppers. Think again! Buy linen and with a small amount of warm water while you shower, you can also hang your linen pants for the day and the wrinkles come out fast and furious! Linen is also found within combination fibers and ultimately fabrics worn by all of us. From linen jumpsuits, to joggers and high waisted linen pants, we can all find a wonderful silhouette that fits each of us perfectly while also playing a small part in the eco friendly sustainable world of fashion! Whether you want to own a stunning white linen jumpsuit, seen here by Ramy Brooks, or a Tommy Bahama classic in the blue shirt and drawstring pants, you can find linen in just about every store and every designer. ANN MARIE

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