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Finding inspiration is the perfect blog post to announce any member of ANN MARIE, is now able to create blog posts to be viewed by all of our incredible followers! We will add them to our new style Weekly Rotation! For more information on becoming a member of ANN MARIE and writing for ANN MARIE, click here.

Styling an outfit can be hard. The first thought for me that comes to mind when you wake up in the

morning is, “what should I wear today?” I often find this to be one of my most dreaded feelings of the day.

I tend to be “guided” by my style of the day which can often translate into feelings of anxiousness, sadness(if

an outfit no longer fits) and feeling rushed! I love when I have that “lightbulb” moment!

Finding inspiration for your sense of style can truly and always be easy! The following three key points are a

great place for any of the ANN MARIE members and followers to utilize-

1. Look At Those Around You-

I am proud to say that my friends have amazing style! There is nothing wrong with taking ideas

from outfits you see throughout your day. If your friend is wearing the perfect pair of bell

bottoms paired with chunky wooden heels, compliment them and take a mental note! The next

time you are out shopping or rummaging through your closet, you may find exactly what you

needed to bring your style back to life.

2. Social Media-

Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat are your friends when you are searching for a certain spark in your

wardrobe. There are so many influencers that you can turn to that can help find your inspiration.

Especially if you aren’t familiar with following trends, these platforms can be exactly what you

need if that is something you value in creating your own style. These folks live and breathe

fashion, there is nothing wrong with having them help bring the light back into your wardrobe!

3. Let Nature Be Your Friend-

There are so many beautiful colors that come from nature. Think about the last time you went out

hiking or on a walk through a strikingly gorgeous willow trail. A ravishing color combination

can be inspired by the earthy greens and browns brought to you by the wonderful Mother Nature.

You absolutely CANNOT go wrong with letting the stunning creation of nature help you find

your spark again. Let nature take its course! Photo Below links directly to an amazing womenswear brand; Veronica Beard

which is a great style inspirational company for all of us.

I am honored to be the first member to write a blog post for ANN MARIE. I am thrilled to share I have written

three more posts for ANN MARIE and all of our members!

Makayla A.

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