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Flying Never Felt So Good

During the course of the last week, the sheer magnitude of being awarded New York Fashion Week’s Designer to Watch 2020, has taken over every piece of my life! I couldn’t even fall asleep last night until 2am this morning! The ideas, tasks, to do lists, endless. Yet, I would not trade any moment! I am excited to be creatively flowing and happy my health is also holding up! I don’t speak much about my health, my permanent disability or how my daily life is impacted by my injuries. I am simply thankful to have such a supportive team surrounding me and knowing what to watch for and when to step in to help! I am attaching an exclusive sneak peak of one of the Born To Fly pieces from my collection for ya’ll to see! A modern ShirtDress complete with utilitarian feel including a built in belt bag and parachute like wrap! This week, Model Casting Call Tuesday followed by Campaign Photoshoot Friday, December 6th! I hope it’s your time to fly too AND COME ALONG TO FLY WITH ME!

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