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Welcome, Weekend Vibes


Whether you are planning a weekend escape or an escape into the confines of your home for the weekend, your daily outfit does impact your daily mood. It is true, you are what you eat. It is also true, you are what you wear! In fact, I should publish that saying and write a book with that title!

For now, I will write this blog post and guide you into choosing a few weekend warrior outfits perfect for your mind, spirit, body and soul!

Sweats. Nope. Never. Never wear sweats. Joggers, yup, perfect and I have an amazing army green Belize Bay pair arriving for Summer 2019! Joggers, are flattering, body slimming and stylish. Sweats, are bulky, heavy, unflattering and simply, to be worn for sports activities only!

Denim. Denim is daytime wear and can be worn into your weekend evening plans too! A flattering pair of denim jeans worn with a classic top, such as a simple solid T-shirt tucked in on one side of the front of your jeans, paired with trendy shoes and accessorized with a chic belt, necklaces and fabulous sunglasses......and you're golden! Perfect for running to the grocery, Home Depot, picnic or pool party. This timeless look will turn heads and be comfortable for you at the same time!

Another great weekend wear, a dress! A dress is not to be worn only for events. A dress can be the statement piece. A chic dress, worn with flip flops and a fanny pack with a great hat thrown over your bed head hair, is simple yet stylish and comfortable. YES COMFORTABLE! Dresses keep you fresh in all the right areas, while providing you the ease of movement. Throw on a denim jacket over your dress for a colder day as well!

Don't let the weekend worry you!

Be You. Be Bold. Email Me.

Ann Marie F. Clark

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