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Sadness Is A Sign To Design...

One cannot be honest with themselves, nor anyone else, if not able to verbalize their individual sadness that has occurred over the last 14 months. For me, sadness began with the diagnosis of my beloved mothers Stage 4 Melanoma Cancer, on January 24, 2020. While we all began to create our own pathway through, with and around Covid-19, I did so with an added traumatic event clouding my each and every moment. Sadness became my daily "thang". But, sadness was not going to be my "everythang"- and so I began my journey to happiness with my mothers diagnosis in the very forefront of my mind. This meant, for me, to honor my mother in anyway and every way possible, from the day of diagnosis on. No matter what. I live only 12 Minutes from my parents home and so a near daily drop in routine unfolded. During my visits I would often sit with her to finish a puzzle, always fashion oriented thanks to my father who bought fashion themed puzzles for mom and me to finish. Or on days mom was not able to puzzle, I would sketch and grab her attention if I made anything GREEN, her favorite color. Sadness became a sign for me to design again when I had taken several months off to grasp what was happening all around us, what the direction of my companies were headed and what was going to happen to my mom and my entire family. As the matriarch of the Clark Compound, Mamie as we be-lovingly referred to her as, she was the woman of all of our homes; my two sisters included. Mamie planned the holidays years in advance and sent me daily religious inspirational messages to give ME support. Just weeks before my moms grave diagnosis, we spent much time stylishly perusing various shops she favored. My mom loved to tell her friends at bridge groups her daughter was a designer and she often wore my garments to impress her friends. But what always made me smile the most, was my moms zest for fashion and sewing and how often she would just "pop" in to my store or corporate offices to say Hey Re-Girl. Oh how much I miss my mom saying Re-Girl and how much I miss my mom showing up with handcrafted bears out of extra fabric she always "stole" from each visit. Sadness has become the push to design again. The way I meditate and how much I feel my moms presence while designing. Mamie past away on July 11, 2020 but her spirit lives on in all I design!

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