Customer Care

ANN MARIE,Bespoke Womenswear is a Subsidiary of HOAMLTD. We strive to provide all women of all ages the most extraordinary apparel within a sustainable and ethical Fashion House. Creative Director for ANN MARIE, is Ann Marie F. Clark who  is an award winning designer and has been creating within the fashion industry since 1997! All companies within HOAMLTD provide incredible customer service, empathetic responses and positive experiences across the world.. We encourage an open dialogue, fancy receiving emails with your questions and desire all of our clients to BE BOLD. BE YOU. LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST WEARING ONE ANN MARIE OUTFIT AT A TIME!
Shipping & Refund Policy
Full refund within 14 days from time of purchase, with tags still adhered to garment, without any signs of being worn and receipt attached. 

Store Credit will be issued for any item after the 14 days have passed.

No Refund Or Exchange- Beyond 20 days item is not eligible for refund or credit.We follow a stricter return and exchange policy due to being a smaller privately owned manufacturing company.

ANN MARIE automatically defaults to GROUND shipping at a flat rate. If faster service is needed, you can also pick from other options at the clients expense.


Quality Control & Our Promise To You

ANN MARIE, Bespoke Womenswear, is a subsidiary of HOAMLTD and is part of a global design house specializing in women's garments.


The design process for the prints within ANN MARIE, the label, is an award-winning, one-of-a-kind curation of carefully collected images, which are then turned into custom printed fabrics.

Every garment designed is also manufactured, IN-HOUSE, with only Master Seamsters hand sewing each and every piece. 

This is a very purposeful process, to maintain the ethical mission of ANN MARIE, Bespoke Womenswear. Each garment, every printed fabric, and all of the custom garments, are ALL designed and constructed with little to no waste. Any fabric waste is then turned into various accessories, including jewelry bags, garment bags, and cuffs along with pockets for each mens dress shirt also custom created within the companies manufacturing studios. 

Wholesale Inquiries Are Welcomed

Every nearly custom piece that you see and wear, are an intense collection of experiences, turned into bespoke garments. Our prices reflect all of these principles and processes while being a garment that will last your lifetime. 

Each piece, in every collection passes a rigorous list of quality checks and artful ideas. During the entire design process illustrated above, numerous quality tests are also performed. Additionally, at any time, an In-House Seamster can be stopped by Creative Director, Ann Marie F. Clark to be tested and quality checked approved. 

We are always welcoming new wholesale opportunities and look 

forward to hearing from you. You can call our Corporate Offices at (888)HOAMLTD 888-462-6583 OR send us an email at

We always have up to date Look Books ready for viewing. We can either ship you a Seasonal Look Book, email you an individual and private link to our current Look books or set up an in person meeting to view the current collections.