Customer Care

ANN MARIE is led by Ann Marie F. Clark and employs extraordinary women. ANN MARIE is an award winning designer who provides incredible customer service with local clients and equally abroad. We encourage an open dialogue, fancy receiving emails with your questions and desire all of our clients to BE BOLD. BE YOU. EMAIL ANN MARIE.
For fastest response, please send an email with detailed information to 
Shipping & Refund Policy
Full refund within 14 days from time of purchase. Store Credit for 20 days from time of purchase. Beyond 20 days item is not eligible for refund or credit.
ANN MARIE automatically defaults to GROUND shipping. If faster service is needed, don't hesitate to call ANN MARIE or send an email.

Wholesale Inquiries

ANN MARIE is a global design house specializing in women's garments. The design process at ANN MARIE is an award-winning, one-of-a-kind curation of carefully collected images of which most are from Ann Marie Clark's travels, which are then turned into custom-textiles by

ANN MARIE Technical Design Master Seamstresses.

ANN MARIE is thoughtfully made in the USA with the majority of each collection created in-house at the

ANN MARIE Studios.

The final products you see/wear, are an intense collection of experiences, turned into high-end bespoke garments.

Each piece in every collection passes a rigorous list of quality checks and artful ideas.

We value each of our global clients, companies and vendors and hope that we, at ANN MARIE, can bring this one-of-a-kind brand into your world.

Call ANN MARIE OFFICES for Wholesale Inquiries

(303) 551-1561


Payment Methods

ANN MARIE currently accepts 

- Credit / Debit Cards